The Joy of Sox

In many ways, July was a difficult month for Red Sox fans.  Oh, the team had a great month and all.  Between the All-Star Game and their travel schedule, I have only visited Fenway Park twice so far in July!  It is the last week in July, and I think I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Yes, I watched the games on TV or listened on the radio or online while away from a TV; but it is not the same.  I feel unsettled.  The Sox were doing great but they were away from home.  I felt like the mother of adult children that move back home.  The kids are sort of on their own, but Mom can’t get to sleep until she hears the door open and knows they are home, safe and sound.  The red-hosed boys are back home, safe and sound, and looking spectacular.

After a long drought away from Fenway, I will finally return this week.  I love to arrive early enough to take in the end of the visiting team’s batting practice and all of the pre-game ceremonies.  You never know when someone important is going to make an appearance — Nomar, Johnny Pesky, Fred Lynn, Mike Lowell, Yaz, or some special award or presentation will be handed out.  I hate to miss anything!  No matter how many games I attend, I still experience “That Moment”.  That Moment occurs the minute I walk up the ramp and then … GASP… there it is.  That vast and beautiful blanket (quilt?) of green grass opens up before me.  I take a breath.  I take it all in.  The crowd is already electric and the Sox are relaxing or stretching or warming up and ready to rock.  That Moment is one of pure joy.  All worries fade away.

It’s almost August and that means more games to attend, a better home schedule for the Sox, more comfortable weather (I hope), and a pennant race to the finish.  Regardless of what the song says, the most wonderful time of year is not Christmastime — it is August and September.  (And October and November if we’re lucky.)  So, Merry August and Happy September to all Red Sox fans everywhere!  Since I’m feeling generous, why stop there?  Whatever team you love and support; whether you attend games at Fenway Park, Camden Yard, Petco Park or, yes, even Yankee Stadium, may you experience the pure and simple joy of “That Moment”.  ‘Tis the season…


About Colleen

I'm a quilter and a fan of the Boston Red Sox. There's no relation between the two ... Just two things that I love! Follow me on Pinterest and Twitter @QuiltedBaseball
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