Fifty Shades of Red (Part 2)

  1. When you think about the wreckage created by the Sox acquisition of Adrian Gonzalez, it is startling. There was no effort to retain Adrian Beltre on third base, and he left for the Rangers where he has been an all-star. Kevin Youkilis was displaced and had to move to third base which seemed to physically (and emotionally) take a toll. The Sox traded three highly respected prospects to the Padres for Gonzo. Casey Kelly was their top pitching prospect who probably would be pitching at Fenway this month but instead he is on the mound for the Padres. Anthony Rizzo is a power-hitting first baseman now with the Cubs. Lastly, Lars Anderson, a Red Sox AAA first baseman, whose path was blocked by Gonzo, was traded away to Cleveland as unnecessary baggage. Theo Epstein, who coveted and finally captured Gonzo, has moved on to the Cubs. Now Gonzo is gonzo. What a waste.
  2. I hope Carl Crawford becomes the player he used to be. I suspect that it was never going to happen in Boston.
  3. John Farrell simply must be the next manager of the Boston Red Sox. If not him, anyone other than Bobby V. will do.
  4. Occasionally I have an odd and unsettling feeling that Bobby Valentine will be back next year as the Red Sox wait for John Farrell’s contract with the Blue Jays to run out. Then Bobby does or says something stupid and the feeling goes away.
  5. At Fenway Park, they have been playing Papelbon’s former entrance song, “I’m Shipping Up to Boston”, between the top and bottom of the ninth inning. It is just plain wrong. As far as I’m concerned, Pap took that moment with him when the Red Sox refused to make him an offer. It cannot be our feel good, rally song when it feels so bad. Those who stand up and dance to it just don’t get it. For me, it rubs salt in an open wound. Maybe in time, but not now. Not this year. It’s too soon.
  6. Umpire Jim Joyce is known for spoiling Tigers’ pitcher Armando Gallaraga’s perfect game with a blown call on first base. Now he should be known for performing CPR on a Diamondback’s food service employee and saving her life. Janie remembers hearing his soothing voice, “Janie, hold on…hold on…” At least he didn’t say, “Safe!” Good job, Mr. Joyce.
  7. The “Soxification” of the Dodgers has not worked out very well so far for LA. Gonzalez and Beckett’s performances have been sub-par but no surprise for Red Sox fans. I guess you can’t change a leopard’s spots.
  8. In the August 2012 edition of Boston Baseball, Glen Stout wrote a fabulous and moving article entitled, “Shades of Gray”. If you are fan of the Red Sox (or any struggling team in any sport), I recommend you find that article and read it. He wrote so beautifully of the journey of a fan through a losing season that it left a lump in my throat. “Game time each night is a gut check on your relationship”, wrote Stout. “Are you in, or are you out? … Are you a fan of only winning, an addict to the morphine pump of highlights and high fives, or is there something else, deeper and more profound, that brings you back?” Stout continued, “The decision is yours, and it tells you who you are.” So, who are you? Me? I have realized that I am a fan of baseball. Thank you, Glen Stout, and bravo.
  9. Congratulations to Kelli, Dustin and Dylan Pedroia and welcome to the world little Cole Bradley Pedroia! A baby quilt is on the way!
  10. The moment captured by the NESN camera when Bobby V. told Dustin Pedroia that Kelli was in labor was precious. The look of a young husband and father-to-be – concern, fear, shock – the open mouth in an “O”, the sprint into the clubhouse, on his way to his wife’s side. The human side of the trash-talking Laser Show/Muddy Chicken revealed. Sweet.
  11. If anyone thinks the Red Sox should trade Dustin Pedroia and feels compelled to call sports talk radio to suggest it, just be quiet. Don’t be stupid.
  12. On September 11, 2012, I watched batting practice from the field, met David Ortiz in the dugout, got a Big Papi hug (!), saw Jacoby get a walk-off hit, and saw the Red Sox beat the Yankees. What a day!
  13. I am fairly certain that the Red Sox have a real closer in Andrew Bailey. He seems like the anti-Papelbon in every way – from his laid-back, intelligent personality to his speedy delivery on the mound.
  14. The Summer of Ciriaco is just about over. The success of Pedro Ciriaco makes me wonder how many big league quality players are overlooked in the minor leagues for their entire careers and never get a chance to show that they can make it at the highest level.
  15. Ryan Lavarnway’s fiancé, Jamie Neistat, writes a damn good cooking blog, . She is a professionally-trained chef and seems like a sweet and genuine young woman.
  16. I wish the Yankees had tanked this September. It would have been sweet justice. I do not hate the Yankees. I just do not like their smug faces.
  17. This Red Sox team put a bit of a damper on the 100 Years centennial celebration of Fenway Park, didn’t it? 2012 will be forever etched into the record books as an embarrassing failure of a gazillion-dollar team. 100 Tears is more like it.
  18. The majority of Red Sox players should have gone to Johnny Pesky’s funeral with the exception of a select few who may have had real excuses. If Salty, Buchholz, Ortiz and even Padilla could make it after flying in at 3:30 a.m. that morning, then others could. That’s all I will say about that. It was also surprising how few fans showed up for the tribute to Johnny held at Fenway.
  19. After not having David Ortiz in the lineup over the waning months of this season, is there anyone out there that still thinks that the Red Sox should not sign him for next year? If so, you must be a fan of another team.
  20. I am tired of fans moaning about an “unlikable team”. I know it was a rough season; but what’s not to like about Cody Ross, Mike Aviles, Dustin Pedroia, Will Middlebrooks, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, and Daniel Nava, to name a few. Come on, people. Are they supposed to invite you out to dinner and pick up the tab?
  21. It is going to be a strange feeling this coming weekend with the Red Sox playing the Orioles in Baltimore. It is hard not to root for the Sox but the Orioles need to win to catch up with the Yankees. So, let’s go O’s, I guess.
  22. According to Cody Ross, Salty’s nickname is “Saltalama-chia Pet” due to his curly mop of moss. Now, that’s funny.
  23. It was fun to see the 2004 team being honored and paraded around on Duck Boats before the next-to-the-last home game. For all the bad things that have been said about John Henry and Company, you have to admit they are darn smart. They knew that bringing back those familiar and beloved faces would take the edge off of the fans. Who would boo the team off the field when Kevin Millar is sitting in the stands?
  24. Seeing some of the 2004 Red Sox reminded me that the 2013 Red Sox need more idiots.
  25. I wish I liked football.

2004 Red Sox: Bunch of Idiots


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I'm a quilter and a fan of the Boston Red Sox. There's no relation between the two ... Just two things that I love! Follow me on Pinterest and Twitter @QuiltedBaseball
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4 Responses to Fifty Shades of Red (Part 2)

  1. Judy Dougherty says:

    Colleen! I loved your latest blog! Thanks for all the insights that you do so well! THANK YOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for Ryan Lavarnaway’s fiancee’s food blog! I’m Lovin’ it!

  2. kat says:

    My only problem with the 2004 Idiot reunion was, Where the heck was Johnny Damon?? After all, he’s the original self-named Idiot! As far as I’m concerned, nothing was ever the same at Fenway after JD left and donned pinstripes.

  3. Jay Kelly says:

    Hi Colleen . . . as always your observations are spot on and a joy to read! I had followed some of Gonzo’s career while he was in San Diego. His stats really did not change much when he came to Fenway. I was hopeful that the wall in Fenway would become his friend . . . After seeing “Trouble with the Curve” I say let’s get back to the basics. There is a lot to be said for “Dirt Dog” style HEART. Thanks for your blog! As a fan of my Red Sox and your blog I say I am l’m looking forward to next year : )

  4. candy says:

    I’m with you on #25. I wish I liked football, too. It’s a long time til spring training! At least we can quilt…………..

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