Photo of the Week: 2011 (Week 40) Pedey

Dustin Pedroia: Laser Show

Laser Show:  Quilted Portrait of Dustin Pedroia

Dustin Pedroia has had a close, father/son type relationship with Terry Francona.  The following is a quote from Pedey reported by Joe McDonald after Francona was fired:
“It’s hard, man, with the way we played this year, but by no means is it Tito’s fault.  We get paid a lot of money and the biggest thing that I am upset with, and I think a lot of guys are upset with, is the accountability of each other.  It’s not the manager’s fault.  We need to hold ourselves more accountable as a team, as players.  There are a lot of things that went on that were disrespectful and we played like it.  That’s basically it, but Tito’s had every single guy’s back in the clubhouse from Day 1.”
“I wish him the best and I hope he gets a job in the National League for a team that we don’t get a chance to play because it would be like playing against one of my family members.”
“I love him.  He’s given me every opportunity in the world and given me the respect to play the game with a freedom, and that’s what he allows us players to do.  Geez, man, he’s done everything for me and everything for my family…My heart’s broken for him and I wish he was back and I wish I could have played my whole career for him.  It’s going to be hard. “
Finally, someone speaks the truth.  My heart’s broken, too, Pedey.

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